Spurn Bird Observatory's New Chair

Spurn Bird Observatory Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Harris as the organisation's new Chair, taking over from Rob Adams. Sarah's extensive experience in ornithology and her passion for bird conservation make her an ideal candidate to lead our esteemed institution into the future.

01 August 2023

Sarah brings a wealth of expertise to her new role, having dedicated years to the study and conservation of avian species. Her journey began with an ardent fascination for birds during her childhood, and she nurtured this interest into a successful career.

Over the years, Sarah has contributed significantly to numerous research projects, coordinated and undertaken bird population surveys, and actively participated in bird ringing and tracking initiatives. With her profound knowledge and an impressive track record, Sarah has earned the respect and admiration of the ornithological community.

As a long standing supporter and member of the Spurn Bird Observatory, she is intimately familiar with the organisation's values, mission, and commitment to preserving migratory birds and their habitats.

Sarah says, “Spurn Bird Observatory and the local community have become a big part of my life over the past 10 years, and I am flattered - if slightly daunted - to have been appointed as Chair. Rob has achieved so much over that period, leaving big wellies to fill! I look forward to continuing to take the observatory forward with a very strong committee, three fellow Directors and the fantastic staff members supporting the role. I'm passionate about the observatories land holdings and the conservation potential being realised in these wildlife havens, the science and data collated by the observatory and pushing to get these data used to their fullest, to continue to increase support and opportunities for our long-term volunteers, and to continue to promote the observatory and the fantastic work it carries out - only possible with the crucial help and support of local and visiting birders, wildlife enthusiasts and Friends of Spurn memberships. Thank you to everyone for the continued support of the observatory and who make it the fantastic organisation it is.”

The Board of Directors, Committee and the entire Spurn Bird Observatory community are excited about the prospect of having Sarah at the helm. With her dedication, expertise, and boundless enthusiasm, the Observatory is poised to reach new heights in its mission to safeguard migratory birds and contribute to the broader field of ornithology.

Join us in congratulating Sarah Harris on her new role as Chair of Spurn Bird Observatory. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together and achieving even greater milestones in bird conservation under her leadership.

Rob Adams will be taking the role of vice-chair with immediate effect, and says “After almost 10 years as the Chair of Spurn Bird Observatory I have decided to retire from the role and hand over the reins to Sarah Harris. I am absolutely certain that Sarah will prove to be a superb leader of our organisation and take us to the next level of performance. She is widely respected in the birding world with excellent leadership skills and a mountain of experience in observatory life so I hope that you will welcome her in the usual way to this important appointment. I myself will remain on the committee for the foreseeable future and take on the role of Vice Chair to support Sarah in this new position.”

The committee would like to place on record their sincere gratitude to Rob for all the hard work and effort put into the Observatory during his tenure as Chairman.

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