Spurn Bird Observatory Residential Volunteers 2023

We are looking for keen and eager birders to help out with the long-standing bird monitoring here at Spurn Bird Observatory!

02 January 2023

Volunteer roles are available during spring & autumn 2022 to support the Warden, Estate Worker and visiting and resident birders in counting and monitoring birds in the Spurn area, and the day-to-day running of the Observatory.

You’ll be working as part of the Observatory team here at Spurn and meet new people from a range of backgrounds. Being based at Spurn Bird Observatory means you’ll be spending time at one of the best locations for birding in the UK. Expect to witness some incredible migration spectacles with the chance of falls, arrival days and maybe a rarity or two (or ten)!

We are looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic, with a strong work ethic, prepared for early starts with the confidence to identify a wide range of species and willingness to learn more. Applicants must be able to work outside alone in all weathers potentially for protracted periods of time and be competent in Microsoft Excel (data entry). Knowledge of European bird identification is essential.  

Volunteer positions are available mid-March to mid-June and mid-August to mid-November. Longer volunteer residencies are preferred (minimum four weeks). Accommodation is provided at Spurn Bird Observatory free of charge.

For further information and to submit your interest contact Rob on info@spurnbirdobservatory.co.uk by 12pm on Friday 3rd February.

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