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Securing the future

Spurn Bird Observatory is truly grateful for the support given by the ‘Friends of Spurn’. We want you to know that we don’t take that support for granted and in return we are always striving to provide something special, to make your visits to Spurn more memorable than before. You’ve already been very generous to us, enabling the Observatory to purchase land at Church Field, Corner Field, Sykes Field and now Schipper's Field. The habitat in these areas is being actively and thoughtfully managed to provide food and shelter for migrant birds.

The only way we were able to purchase all of these parcels of land is through the support of people like you. That is why we have set up the 'Securing the Future' fund where you can donate regularly towards any potential future land purchases. To make an offer on any such land, we would need to act quickly with funds already in place, not straightforward when you are a small charity funded largely by the overnight accommodation fees on our four rooms!

So to enable the Observatory to be able to purchase land in the future we have set up a land purchase fund, under the heading 'Securing the Future'. If every Friend of Spurn was to donate just £1 a week by Direct Debit, we would within a few years have accumulated a significant sum that we could use to purchase more land. That’s just £1 a week - not even half a pint of beer or a packet of crisps these days!! We keep any money donated to 'Securing the Future' ring fenced and distinct from our regular account, untouched until it is ready to be used. Please consider contributing in this way. It would help safeguard the future development of SBO and preserve the bird and wildlife haven that is Spurn.

If you would like to donate a different value or regularity then please get in touch on

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