Michael Clegg Memorial Bird Race - The Results!

The twenty-seventh annual Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace took place on Sunday 8th January 2023.

10 January 2023

For the third year it was a 'green event' with no motor vehicles allowed, teams covered their chosen site on foot or with peddle-power. And again, all teams reported having a very enjoyable day out.

Weather was fairly kind to us with not too much rain which has been a constant of the first week of the year.

Final scores have been submitted by twenty-eight teams from around Yorkshire, although there are others who said they were taking part but have sent in no score! 

TEAM                                                                    SPECIES TOTAL

York Upstarts (York)                                                        99                cycled and walked 42 miles

Hull Valley Hurriers                                                         86                cycled and walked 54 miles

Yorkshire Terriers (York)                                                 86                cycled and walked 16 miles

Team Tophill (Tophill Low)                                              86                walked 9.7 miles

Gooligans (Goole area)                                                  85                

Old Moorons (Old Moor)                                                84                 walked 10.5 miles

Derbyshire Trespassers (Sheffield)                               84

LEOdiens (St. Aidens and Swillington)                          83                walking

Scarborough Coasters (Scarborough)                          83                walked 17 miles

Spurn Peacocks (Greater Spurn)                                  80                 walked 15 miles

Wintersett Try-ers (Wintersett)                                       79                 walking

Spurn Heavyweights (Greater Spurn)                            78                cycled 10 miles

Lincolnshire Sapsuckers (Faxfleet & Broomfleet)           77                 walked 10 miles

Whitby Whoopers (Whitby)                                             76                walked 14 miles

Fairburn Birders (Fairburn)                                              76

Airey Birders (Lower Aire Valley)                                     75                walked 11 miles

Whelbirders (Wheldrake & Bank Island)                         75                walked 6 miles

Lower Wharf (York area)                                                 72                walked 6 miles

Hornseameres (Hornsea)                                                72                walked 10.5 miles

Seskubirders (West Yorkshire)                                        69                walking

Mrs French's Boys (Easington)                                       68                walked 8.03 miles

Hatfield Moorons (Hatfield Moor)                                    67                walking

Filey Originals (Filey)                                                      63                 walked 8 miles

Southfield Mercenaries (Southfield Res)                        63                 walked 4 miles

Staveley Chris (Staveley)                                                50                walked

Team Marygate (York)                                                     42                walked

Team Castle Howard                                                       37                walked

Famous Five (Four humans and a dog) (York)                30                walked, mostly from garden.


Apologies to any teams that took part and I haven't included, I can only use the information that I am sent.

A massive Thank You to ALL who took part and to ALL sponsors.

All funds raised this year are to help Beacon Ponds breeding Little Terns. Information and where to donate ALL money raised are attached to this email.

Please forward this email to all your team mates and all interested parties who I might not have contact details for or who might find it interesting and want to donate.

And we'll be back again next January!!!


Spurn Little Terns, Michael Clegg Bird Race Fund

More information about Spurn Bird Observatory Trust Ltd: Spurn Bird Observatory Trust Ltd is a registered charity. Our aims and objectives are to maintain long term monitoring of bird populationstheir distribution and migration on the Spurn peninsula and to then disseminate the useful results from study and research in order to conserve wildlife and encourage the breeding of wild birds insects ...


All the very best for 2023

Graham Speight

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