Michael Clegg Memorial Bird Race - THE RESULTS

The twenty-eighth annual Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace took place on Sunday 7th (or Saturday 6th) January 2024.

08 January 2024

For the fourth year it was a 'green event'  with no motor vehicles allowed, teams covered their chosen site(s) on foot or with peddle-power. And again, all teams reported a very enjoyable day out in the field.

Weather was kind to us with a welcome (mostly) dry spell after all the constant rain of late 2023 and early 2024. With many sites flooded and some inaccessible, many teams were forecasting a low scoring  day before the event but this wasn't the case with many teams knocking up their highest ever totals since this event went 'green'. Another interesting development is that many teams are slowly increasing their final totals year-on-year, obviously fine-tuning the routes and birds with experience.

We also realise that some sites are far better endowed with the number of bird species present than are others and in this respect we have a very unlevel playing field. To help mitigate this, earlier in the 'competitions' history we introduced a 'yearly average total' which averaged the totals from the previous five years and the winning team was whoever scored more above their average. However, we like to think that as we've all matured (well, some of us) that we realise it's the fund raising for conservation projects that is the real winner, as well as an enjoyable day out in the field. It's also difficult to put an average score on any 'new team' or a team with less years experience. But, we will listen to birders opinions, if people prefer to try the 'average score' way then it can be worked out, let me know.

Final scores have been submitted by twenty-seven teams from around Yorkshire. Very well done and a big thanks to all.

York Upstarts (York area)   99 equalled their previous 'green' record Missed Barn Owl
LEOdiens (St Aidens & Swillington)    97 14 up on last year walked 11.5 miles
The Humber Games (Kilnsea to Welwick) 96 16 up on last year walked 12.36 miles
Team Tophill (Tophill Low) 90 4 up on last year includes the Black-throated Thrush
Gooligans (Goole area)   90 5 up on last year  
Hull Valley Hurriers (flooded carrs and Tophill Low) 89 3 up on last year  
Yorkshire Terriers (Lower Derwent Valley)  87 1 up on last year cycled and walked 18 miles
Old Moor-ons  (Old Moor)  86 2 up on last year walked 11 miles
Scarborough Stumblers (Scarborough) 84 1 up on last year walked 16 miles
Derbyshire Trespassers (Sheffield)  83 1 down on last year  
Wintersett Try-ers (Wintersett)  80 1 up on last year  
Airey Birders (St. Aidens & Lower Aire Valley)  80 5 up on last year  
Lincolnshire Sapsuckers (Faxfleet & Broomfleet)  79 2 up on last year walked 12 miles
Fairburn Birders (Fairburn)  78 2 up on last year  
Spurn Heavyweights (Greater Spurn)  77 1 down on last year  
Whelbirders (Wheldrake & Thorngamby) 76 1 up on last year  
Filey Originals (Filey)    74 11 up on last year walked 6.5 miles
Lower Wharfe (Kirkby Wharfe to Ozendyke)  74 2 up on last year walked 6 miles
JMT etal by himsen (Easington)    72 4 up on last year walked 6.9 miles
Southfield Mercenaries (Southfield Res) 68 5 up on last year walked 4 miles
The Yew Cottager (Kilnsea garden) 67 No previous score Didn't leave garden (lazy)
Whitby Wanderers (Whitby)   67 9 down on last year walked 14 miles
SESKUmegas (West Yorkshire)  64 5 down on last year  
Spurn at every turn (Spurn)   57 no previous score walked 7.3 miles
Bempton-ites (Bempton)  55  10 up on last year walked 2 miles
Birdman & Robin (Bishopthorpe & Dringhouses)  47 17 up on last year  
Dringhouse Walkers (York to Dringhouses)  39 4 down on 2022 walked 10.5 miles

Apologies to any teams that took part and I haven't included, I can only use the information that I am sent. 

A massive Thank You to ALL who took part and to ALL sponsors.

All funds raised this year are to help breeding waders at Edderthorpe Flash in the lower Dearne Valley. Information and where to donate ALL money raised are on the GoFundMe page (link at the bottom)

We'll be back again next January!! Any ideas or thoughts on future projects we can help then please contact us.


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