Spurn Bird Observatory

Spurn Bird Observatory bring together RBA and Birdnet to provide birdnews going forward

17 March 2017

The bird news scene has changed considerably since Dag Marshall took over Birdnet. But as happens to us all Dag has now decided to retire and hang up his boots. Whilst it would have been simple to just close the doors and turn out the lights, he wanted to make sure that he left his long-standing and loyal customers with a continued birdnews service. So we are really delighted to report that we have been working very hard with Rare Bird Alert (RBA) who have now agreed to supply all Birdnet customers with birdnews going forward. 
RBA are more than familiar with both the personal and technical requirements needed to provide everyone with an expert service. As you may be aware they are the longest running and most experienced providers of bird information and we believe are the best people to provide Birdnet customers with a first rate experience going forward. As Spurn holds a special place in all of our hearts and to recognise the help making this changeover happen, RBA and Birdnet are proud to announce that Spurn Bird Observatory will be benefitting financially from the deal. 
An agreement has now been reached whereby any Birdnet customers who renew with RBA, a percentage of this renewal will be donated to Spurn Bird Observatory each and every year for as long as they continue to re-subscribe. The proceeds will be used to provide new habitat in the Observatory garden plus a new look-out tower for birders to use. Speaking about this deal SBOT Chairman Rob Adams said, “We were privileged to be involved in the process. By transitioning the memberships to Rare Bird Alert, customers will not only have access to a first class birdnews service but will also be contributing to the future success of Spurn Bird Observatory. We know that this will assist Spurn in providing a safe haven for the thousands of migrants that frequent our shores every year as well as providing a superb experience for all birders who pay us a visit.”
Dag Marshall of Birdnet said ” We hope that your continued subscriptions will mean that Spurn Bird Observatory will benefit for years to come from your loyal support to RBA. We believe it is a win- win for everyone, knowing that quality and customer care are at the forefront of the service that RBA provide.

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