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Amazing double award scoop for Andy Roadhouse

22 December 2016

Well the polling booths are closed, the votes have all been counted and the results are in, and, unlike Brexit I’m sure we can all agree that the results of the Birdwatch Magazine Birders Choice Awards are something for us all to be pleased about.

The obs committee and we’re sure Spurn birders in general would like to congratulate Andy on his two great awards, with The Birds Of Spurn winning Best Book Award and Andy himself winning the Local Hero Award, they really are both greatly deserved Andy, well done mate!

Here are a few words from the man himself;

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for me as the local hero and The Birds of Spurn as the best bird book of the year in the Choice Awards which is run by Birdwatch/Birdguides.

But I can’t take credit for everything, Spurn has a fantastic team of volunteers who all help out from organising crowds at twitches, planting trees, cutting grass, showing people around and generally making people feel welcome.

The same goes with the book, Chris Gaughan must be congratulated for his incredible design skills and without him we wouldn’t have such a beautiful book to look at, Lance Degnan, Jan Crowther and Sue Worrall for their input and brilliant proof reading, then all the regulars who encouraged me keep going in this very difficult year for me”.

You can’t buy your very own Andy Roadhouse (yet) but you can get yourself a copy of his highly acclaimed and now award winning book by visiting our online shop.

Amazing double award scoop for Andy Roadhouse
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