Spurn Bird Observatory

Subalpine Warblers at Spurn

12 November 2014

Many of you will be aware that the taxonomy of Subalpine Warbler has been revised with 3 species (Eastern, Western and Moltoni’s) now recognised as occurring in Britain. Spurn is one of the best sites in the country for them with nearly 30 records and we want to try and identify as many as possible to species. So if you have any photos of Subalps at Spurn or field notes describing call and plumage accurately and know the date and where at Spurn it was then we’d really appreciate it if you could get in touch and let us have copies, any that are identifiable will be submitted to the YNU and BBRC for ratification.

If you can help please get in touch with Andy at friendsofspurn@hotmail.com

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